Kinergy Power

 The KinergyPower System represents a creative, first-of-a-kind concept of using existing technologies via a proprietary design to convert lost energy from moving vehicles into continuous, reliable electric power.

Aptly named, this system uses the kinetic energy of automobiles and trucks to generate electricity by means of a site specific and flexible hydraulic system design. The beauty of the KinergyPower System is in its simplicity. The most visible and perhaps most talked about component of the system is the Kinergy Mat.

Sometimes referred to as a carpet, the mat is composed of a continuous series of slats the width of a typical traffic lane. As vehicles move over the mat the energy is reliced in a hidrolic system which then generates electricity.

Wherever there is motion, there is potential for KinergyPower.  Trucks, automobiles, trains, and even people all generate some level of kinetic energy. The heavier and more consistent the traffic, the greater the wasted energy and the greater the potential for KinergyPower.  This technology is the key to capturing and harvesting this energy in an efficient and economical way.