SeaGen Project

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The UK is a signatory of Kyoto Protocol, and has taken the step to introduce a climate change bill to make reducing emissions law.

Marine Current Turbines Ltd has been involved with tidal energy technology development since the early 1990’s, initially with the Loch Linhe turbine and more recently with SeaFlow located near Lynmouth, North Devon.


The SeaGen project is the final stage in the technology development prior to installing multiple units in arrays of turbines. The SeaGen components were manufactured in various locations in UK and Europe. The significant subsystems were tested at locations close to Marine Current Turbines office in Bristol prior to being delivered to Harland and Wolff for final system assembly and preparation for installation

Seagen is sited roughly 1km south of the ferry route between Strangford and

Portaferry, approximately 400m from the shoreline. When fully operational later in

the summer, its 16m diameter, twin rotors will operate for up to 18-20 hours per day to produce enough clean, green electricity, equivalent to that used by a 1000 homes. It is four times greater than any other tidal stream project so far built, including Marine Current Turbines’ own earlier 300kW Seaflow system installed off Lynmouth, Devon in 2003 which was hitherto the joint largest tidal turbine.