Eskom rebate Programme

solar gyser

Homeowners can now save from about R1 500 up to R5000 on the cost of a solar water-heating system. This incentive has come into effect from 2008.

The incentive is a welcome help to poeple who has made the dicition to put a solar heating system in but falls short of creating a demand for the products.These systems typically ranges from about R14 000 to about R33 000  depending on the make and size of the geyser and complexity of the installation, Eskom's General Manager of Demand Side Management Andrew Etzinger will have to do more to encourage the adoption of this energy safing tool. At the current cost it would be easear to just pay the increased tarrifs for electricity and spare yourself the cash layout.

The solar rebate programme has been developed to ensure consumers obtain systems at a discount, but to encourage people to buy quality systems which bare the South African Bureau of Standards [SABS] stamp of aproval. The realty is that these system lean toward a premium price because of there “Status” and average housholds just can’t afford them.
The Eskom Solar Rebate Programme enables consumers to buy solar water heating systems from accredited suppliers and claim a portion of the cost back as part of Eskom's commitment to promoting the use of renewable energy. The requirements for receiving the rebate includes that the system must be SABS-approved and incorporate a functioning timer. It must also be installed by an Eskom-approved installer and a valid claim for the rebate must be submitted, after you pay the full amount upfront.Eskom's Demand Side Management web site or its Help Desk provides detailed information about the programme, accredited suppliers, their geographical location, applicable rebates and the process to follow.

The Demand Side Management web address is and the Demand Side Management Help Desk can be contacted on (011) 800-4744, during office hours.