China Leading Wind Industry

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With 20% of the world’s population, China consumes  an average of 10% of the world’s energy. China will need to double its energy consumption as it sustains an economy growth of  9% per year, and China is on track to do just that, and consequently they are developing every source of energy they possibly can.

It’s important to remember the contribution from alternative energy to total world energy production is still minute. In China, a country that consumes a huge amount of energy per year, less than one percent comes from wind power. But wind-generated power, which is growing worldwide at 30% per year, and which costs 80% less per megawatt than it did 20 years ago, is an important part of China’s energy strategy.


The world leader in wind energy is the nation of Denmark, whose wind manufacturers have forged strong ties with Chinese partners. Over 50% of the large capacity windmills currently installed in China are manufactured in Denmark.

Chinese enterprises have mastered advanced off-grid wind turbine generator technology through technology transfer from foreign companies.

There are two kinds of utilization which must be discussed in any review of wind power developments: off-grid and in-grid. Off-grid utilization is used primarily as an independent power operation system, often in remote regions. The power generation capacity of a single off-grid generator ranges from 100 watts to 10 kilowatts. In-grid power is integrated within conventional power grids, providing the most economical utilization of wind power. The maximum power generation of a single in-grid wind turbine in 2006 is five megawatts.

China’s abundant inland and offshore wind energy resources provide potential for large-capacity, in-grid wind farms. By the end of 2005, China had built 59 wind farms with 1,854 wind turbine generators and a 1,266 megawatt in-grid wind power installed capacity, ranking it number ten globally.