Natural Disasters
Deadly typhoon hits Philippines
Deadly typhoon hits Philippines At least 17 people have died and many more are missing after Typhoon Fengshen hit the southern Philippines. This caused flash floods and landslides.
Drought & Southern Africa

New 'lookouts' for climate change

Africa is facing a big challenge and more sow the poor people in Namibia which will be greatly affected by the economic impacts of climate change, but it does not stop there. Other African nations are already experiencing climate changes with new record highs and expended dry seasons are prevalent.

Hurricane link to rise in sea temperature


It is evident to the people living in the Gulf of Mexico who have yet faced another Category 2 hurricane with winds up to 120km/h, that something is just not right. The new storm (Hurricane Gustav) that made landfall hit them on the 1 September 2008 and another one heading for Florida at the same time.