Ceres: Changing climate in South Africa
Ceres Snow Ceres received a healthy dose of snow all thanks to the radical changes in our climate. The winters are shifting and if I recall this event is not the only one which has sparked concern.


South Africa has also started seeing an increased number of Tornado’s. I can’t imagine this type of natural phenomenon occurring in Africa but yes it has and Cere has just shown us that more changes are to be expected.

Nature is changing globally and we are not exempt from her wroth. We are all actively responsible for climate change, from energy slothfulness to driving around in our carbon manufacturing machines. But crisis invokes innovation and this means that you and I need to change our way of thinking before it’s too late.

South African Electricity is generated by coal power stations which make up for 80% of all generation, and unless you and I start to demand cleaner power our nation is going to win the race to becoming the biggest carbon generating nation in the world ”What a prize!”.

Climate change is real and it’s at our doorstep, make a difference and think green!