High winds force closure of homes
High winds force closure of homes Stately homes and gardens in Cheshire have been closed because of high winds expected to batter northern England.

Gusts of up to 65mph were forecast for parts of the UK, with the North West expected to bear the brunt.

As a result, The National Trust decided to close its properties including Quarry Bank Mill, Dunham Massey and Lyme Park on safety grounds.

Tatton Park remained open to allow up to 3,000 runners to take part in a Race for Life event.

The 5km event follows a route around the park grounds.

BBC forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said the weather was abnormal for June.

"Although it's not unusual to have this kind of weather during the winter it's rare to see this kind of gale this time of year," he said.

"The vicious gusts of wind will not only be reserved to coastal districts but may happen further inland too.

Source: BBC