The Power of the Individual

With the reality of unclean energy becoming evident in our world and our nation we are witnessing the dawn of a new technological revolution, the age of Energy Efficiency. Global pressure is mounting because of the need for alternatives to existing energy methods and a new generation of gadgets and products are finding their way onto the market, from solar powered cell phones to solar powered aircraft.

We will cover it all, creating a unique environment for the reader to be informed and challenged by the necessity to adapt to our global crisis. New research and developments are heralding new products on a daily basis and South Africa will lead the continent into the new efficient energy era.

As a SMME we realize that to change the way our business views energy we need to change the individual’s mindset in the business. With this in mind we are targeting consumers and promoting healthy habits which inevitably affect the nation.The government strives to empower South Africans, now the SA Energy Fusion Magazine seeks to encourage South Africans to empower our nation, we will educate youth and challenge the consumer to change the way they view energy and encourage a lifestyle change.

We all know what’s at stake and need to act now. By encouraging healthier lifestyles and offering insight into possible solutions we will strive to generate more accountability within our communities and our nation.

This is an individual’s challenge to change a global crisis.

Please supporting our vision in this publication and help us make a difference. We owe it to our environment, our people and our planet.

We can make a difference globally!