Eurolux dimmable energy saver
House prices 'to fall 9% in 2008' Eurolux dimming technology, which has been internationally patented, is a world first in that it now brings affordable dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to a market already over burdened with electricity demands and desperate for savings on its energy usage. Eurolux director, Shaun Bouchier, says the Eurolux Dimmable Energy Saver is the cheapest and most effective dimmable technology currently available worldwide. International demand for the product confirms these facts, with the first orders already being received from Europe and the East. 

There are already a few ranges of dimmable energy savers available on the international market but these are extremely costly and not readily available in SA. “Our dimmable energy savers have been submitted to three years of rigorous research and development and we are proud to say that they will not only revolutionise electricity use in South Africa, but indeed the world over. They offer smooth dimming with a power factor improvement from 0.55 to 0.78 which potentially makes it the most efficient CFL currently available on the South African market,” says Bouchier.

He adds that you can now replace most household incandescent and halogen lamps with a Eurolux Dimmable CFL, as the dimmable range consists of candle, golf ball, GU10 and GU5.3 lamps, which are available in both warm and cool white colour temperatures. Even the ever popular chandelier can now be fitted with a dimmable energy saver to enhance mood and create ambiance.

The facts speak for themselves: By converting to energy efficient lights, households can save up to 80% on their lighting bills. That is because they use a fifth of the electricity a normal household globe does, but emit around five times the light per watt. “We have now potentially doubled that saving by introducing the Eurolux Dimmable Energy Saver, capable of dimming from 100% to 20%. Obviously, the more you dim the lights, the greater the overall energy saving,” adds Bouchier.

The dimming technology incorporated into the Eurolux Dimmable Energy Saving lamp ballast performs well with most leading and trailing edge rotary dimmers and these are designed as direct replacements for the existing incandescent and halogen lamps, as they will match most existing fittings.

Bouchier points out that consumers must ensure that the minimum load requirement of each respective dimmer is adhered to on each application where a dimmable CFL is used. For specific low load applications, Eurolux has developed a specialised dimming module which can be retro-fitted to most dimmers.

The Eurolux Dimmable Energy Saver will be available at all Game, Builder’s Warehouse, Builder’s Express, Makro & Trade Depot stores, as well as at leading lighting and electrical outlets. Eurolux further announced that CFL disposal bins will be made available at both its Cape Town and Johannesburg branches, thus providing a safe CFL discarding service for its clients and consumers.

“The Eurolux Dimmable Energy Saver forms part of an integrated approach to tackle electricity usage, lower your electricity bills and safeguard the environment. We have no doubt that it will become an integral part of lighting solutions the world over, especially as we continue our research and development to meet emerging needs,” concludes Bouchier.